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mel-8704 review

The Mel-8704-ProNavigator is a new version of the original Mel-8704 device. In this review of the ProNavigator version we'll outline what the changes are and what our team's impression of their usefulness is. For a full functionality review check out our review of the original Mel-8704 HERE.

The Mel-8704-ProNavigator is just one device in a new line of upgraded investigation tools which are dubbed "ProNavigator". Each device in this series contains a single LED light which can be activated via a push button and used as an LED flashlight. The Mel-8704-ProNavigator comes in two versions: white light or red light. The LED is located on the top of the device and to the left of the thermocouple plug. The on/off button is located on the right hand side of the device and operates by push on/push off.

While the addition of a flashlight to the Mel-8704 sounded like a nice feature we were skeptical of its usefulness given the entire device runs on a single 9v battery. The battery was already powering a super bright LCD which could be used as a flashlight on its own and also the device itself. How bright could it be? Real bright! We were surprised by how bright the single LED light was compared to other single LED red lights we have. It provided plenty of light to navigate our way through the darkness during our tests. Another great feature is a battery drain warning indicator that appears on the LCD screen. This helps to remind you that the light is on. It's obvious that the light's intention is to be used sparingly and only when walking around in the dark.

The next change in the ProNavigator version is actually the removal of a feature found in the original Mel-8704. This was a decision to remove the back light timer. Previously, the bright LCD back light would automatically shut off after 6 minutes. The removal of this feature was certainly a good decision. No more turning the back light on every 6 minutes or having it shut off just as a spike occurs thus loosing the reading.

Finally, the last change in the ProNavigator version is the ability to disable the auto-shutoff feature. This allows you to setup the Mel-8704-ProNavigator in what we call HSSU (Hot Spot Setup). Basically you mount the device on the included tripod, place it in frame of a stationary camera, and let the setup run unattended. You can also place the setup on a table or other flat surface and ask for whatever is there to manipulate the device by triggering an EMF spike or raising/lowering the ambient temperature. This allows the Mel-8704-ProNavigator to take on tasks otherwise reserved for other devices like the K-II meter.

The Mel-8704-ProNavigator builds upon the foundation of an already exceptional device. The addition of a surprisingly bright LED light helps out when navigating dark passageways. It also allows you to free up your other hand for maybe a camera or other more important device then a flashlight. In addition to the LED flashlight the improvements are well thought out and allow the Mel-8704 to become even more useful. While the core functionality of the device is unchanged in the Pro-Navigator version it's the inclusion of a unique and useful feature as well as welcome improvements that make the Mel-8704-ProNavigator a worth while investment.
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